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Cozy Winter Boots

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All previews are taken in Unity to closely resemble in-game appearance.

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Polygon Count: 5170
Material Count: 1
Rigged: True
Bone Count: 14


Texture Count: 10
Maps/Masks: {normal_map, fur_mask, ribbon_mask, sole_mask}
Unity Materials Included: True
Shader: Poiyomi Pro Fur {See Disclaimer}


Version 1 {Fitted and rigged to Panda's Female Base}
Version 2 {Fitted and rigged to SyncWear's edit of ImLeXz's Base}

Version 2 will fit directly onto Porcelain and any other SyncWear avatar using the same base edit.

Made Entirely By SyncWear

SyncWear Asset Creation

  • All meshes are made from scratch in Blender
  • All textures are made in Substance 3D Painter and GIMP

Other Credits

Set for images and videos made entirely by SyncWear.

All of SyncWear's works are protected under copyright law. Protections are provided and enforced by Protect My Work.

By purchasing this asset you are agreeing to SyncWear's Terms of Use. Any breach of the Terms of Use subjects you to DMCA. DMCA enforcement will be carried out by Protect My Work.

To view SyncWear's Terms of Use please use the button below:

Terms of Use

A pdf with a link to the Terms of Use will be provided for you with the asset.

Refunds are not secure when it comes to digital content, therefore, all sales are final on all SyncWear products.

This asset utilizes the Poiyomi Pro Fur shader. The provided Unity package contains locked materials that are setup and will not require you to have access to Poiyomi Pro. However, if you wish to modify these you will need to have access to the Poiyomi Pro version 8.1.152b or later and have it imported into your Unity project.

Some Unity and Blender knowledge may be required to setup our assets and upload them to VRChat. If you want to use our assets and do not know how to attach them to an avatar, it is recommended that you use tutorial videos or post in one the many Unity help channels across various VRChat avatar/asset Discord servers.

Refunds are not secure when it comes to digital content, therefore, all sales are final on all SyncWear products.

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