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Porcelain v3 (PC/Quest)

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3 reviews

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Porcelain's Gumoad rating before store move:

Name: Porcelain
Species: Cat
Aesthetic: Teacup / Pastel / Cute
Favorite Color: Pink
Likes: Tea, Plushies, Pastries, Receiving Pets
Partner's Name: Widow

  • PC and Quest
    • Not just a quest conversion, will be fully featured with color options and detailed shaders.
  • Easy upload guide is included (additional assistance available in Discord server).
  • SyncWear will perform uploads for you if needed. Inquire in Discord server.


Polygons: 273,071
Material Slots: 32
In-Game Size: 28.39 MB
Texture Memory: 102.25 MB

  • FBT Ready
  • Physbones w/ Squishy Bones
  • 21 Scratch Assets Made By SyncWear
  • Custom VRChat Menu Icons
  • Base 
    • Color controls for hair and eyes
    • 5 skin tone presets
    • Ears w/ heart gauges (Togglable)
    • Tail w/ heart ring and teacup (Togglable) (Resizable)
    • Nails w/ length slider
    • Teacup Styled Tattoos (Togglable)
  • Outfit (All Togglable)
    • Hue shift on entire outfit
    • Lighting sliders to ensure best look in all worlds
    • Tops
      • Cropped Sweater w/ toggle to change texture
      • Full Sweater w/ laced-up back and bow
      • Pajama Top w/ toggle to change texture
    • Bottoms
      • Pajama Bottoms w/ toggle to change texture
      • Skirt w/ physbones for movement
    • Accessories
      • Collar w/ bell
      • Gloves
      • Garter Belt
      • Thigh High Socks
      • Strap Harness w/ bows
      • Piercings w/ individual toggles
      • Fur Boots (Winter Holiday Version)
  • Partner Interactions
    • Lock tattoo on arm glows when near Widow
    • More to come

  • Avatar Dynamics Interactions (Togglable)
    • Head Patting
    • Booping
  • Sound Effects (Togglable) (All sounds are at reasonable volumes and distances)
    • Heartbeat (Only heard when very close to chest) (Is not heard by the wearer)
    • Collar Bell Ring (Rings whenever the bell is moved a certain amount)
    • Purring (Purrs while being head pat)
  • Sleep Toggle
    • Closes eyes and disables blinking
    • Turns off hair emissions for cuddling
    • Turns off locomotion and rotating to prevent drifting / spinning while asleep
  • Marker
    • SyncWear marker model
    • Hand posed to hold marker
    • Left or right hand
    • Hue Shift
  • Mute Token (Togglable)
    • Automatically dissolves and reforms as you unmute and mute
    • Resizable
    • Can set desired positions around head
  • Visual Beating Heart (Togglable)
    • Hue shifts with hair
    • Can be seen through body
    • Can toggle off beating motion
    • Find others with this heart more easily in worlds

  • New Wetcat Locomotion (Similar to GoGoLoco)

All other features are listed in our discord server. For more information and previews of other features, please join our server.

Discord Server

Porcelain will come with a number of versions to ensure that the model is fitting to as many of your needs as possible.

Versions that are not available with purchase yet will be available soon as free updates.

Currently Included:
  • PC
  • Quest
  • Winter Holiday (PC & Quest)
    • This version includes new textures, assets, and more all based around the winter holidays.
    • Has general winter style as well as holiday style.

SyncWear Assets

  • Tattoos
  • Ears / Tail
  • Pajama Top / Pajama Bottoms
  • Cropped Sweater
  • Full Open-Back Sweater
  • Garter Belt
  • Collar w/ bell
  • Teacup
  • Piercings
  • Bows
  • Marker
  • Mute Token
  • Heart
  • Holiday Ornament
  • Cozy Winter Boots

SyncWear Asset Creation

  • All meshes are made from scratch in Blender
  • All textures are made in Substance 3D Painter and GIMP
  • All images used in texturing are either purchased or completely royalty free
    • Edited by SyncWear
  • All sound clip used are completely royalty free
    • Edited by SyncWear

Other Creator's Credits

  • Body - ImLeXz Base
    • ImLeXz#1234
    • Resculpting, weight paint adjustments, and texture editing done by SyncWear
    • SyncWear remade body parts from scratch and attached them to ImLeXz's base
  • Socks - Included with ImLeXz's base
    • Resculpting and mesh edits done by SyncWear
  • Gloves - long gloves
    • Nepnewp#4664
    • Resculpting, polygon count reduction, new UVs, and new texture done by SyncWear
  • Harness - Cute Harness
    • moobean#8827
    • Rescultping, blendshapes, and texture edits done by Syncwear
    • Bows - SyncWear made bows from scratch and attached them to moobean's harness

Other Creator's Assets Rules

Purchasing SyncWear's avatars does not give you rights to use any of the assets from other creators. You may not use these assets for personal or commercial use. You get the assets from their original creators whether they are free or not.

Additionally, if you do have the rights to any of these assets you are not permitted use the edited versions on SyncWear's avatars. This also applies to the original creator of these assets.

All of SyncWear's works are protected under copyright law. Protections are provided and enforced by Protect My Work.

By purchasing this avatar you are agreeing to SyncWear's Terms of Use. Any breach of the Terms of Use subjects you to DMCA. DMCA enforcement will be carried out by Protect My Work.

To view SyncWear's Terms of Use please use the link below:

Terms of Use

A pdf with a link to the Terms of Use will be provided for you with the avatar package.

Refunds are not secure when it comes to digital content, therefore, all sales are final on all SyncWear products.


This avatar is intended for a mature audience.

Some Unity knowledge may be required to setup our models and upload them to VRChat. SyncWear provides a README file with all avatar purchases that run you through the basic steps of setting up the model and uploading it to VRChat, but this might be enough for everyone. If you are unable to perform the upload on your own we do provide upload assistance in our server.

Refunds are not secure when it comes to digital content, therefore, all sales are final on all SyncWear products.

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Customer Reviews


Verified Buyer

9 months ago

super adorable!!

i loved everything about her. she is so cute and soft. no complaints at all!! everyone buy!!!


1 year ago


she is such a lovely model and shes so cute i can just recommend her to everyone that wants a super cute avi! C:


Verified Buyer

1 year ago


Tbh from what ive seen the model looks amazing, as someone whose watched the progress go from 0 too 100 real fast, i couldnt be prouder of the outcome and cant wait to roam around in her as the days go on as well as look forward to other models made in the future!!